Build Your Remote QA Team

Professional QA teams working remotely to secure your business. We provide high level manual and automation testing. QA teams are built accordingly to your needs.

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Key values

Things that show the difference

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    In time – we commit to meeting the deadlines

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    Technologies – we innovate with the latest technologies and tools

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    Individual approach – we start with research to find the best solutions for our customers

Why Lviv

Lets check why you should choose us and our city
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    lviv_icon Tech and trendy

    Lviv has a fast-growing IT sector in Ukraine. Around 35,000 IT engineers work and live here. This number increases every year.

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    lviv_icon Young and educated

    There are 33 higher education institutions in the city. So, the addition of junior specialists is steady. The crowd that forms the market is intelligent, enthusiastic and eager to excel. 

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    There is an international airport 70 km from the  EU border. Fly in directly with LOT or Lufthansa, Austrian airlines and more. Lviv has a special culture and often enters Top 100 most visited cities in the world.

Guiding Principles

We are professionals thanks to these driving components:
  • Competency.

    Everyone at Dynamic Solutions has specialized knowledge in the area of our services. Along with extensive experience, we always get the job done. We are happy to contribute to your business and reach a seamless outcome.

  • Accountability. We position ourselves as a company of professionals and we are fully responsible for how we demonstrate it. Our QA`s will leverage all the resources to provide the best quality product.

  • Integrity.

    We treat every assignment with respect and honor our commitments. Our team is your reliable partner and will always try to exceed your expectations.

  • Custom Solutions.

    We are driven to do our work well and the customer`s vision is our motivation. Our testing helps to connect the product with the user, drive trust and make it last. We develop a unique approach since every project is unique too.