Automation Services

Automated testing grants you: test execution speed, costs efficiency and precision when testing large projects and software built over multiple iterations. When tests are done automatically — there's no need to involve lots of resources into the process, and the quality of the end product is still great. Automation helps to optimize the development workflow and cuts expenses by reducing time of releasing new features.


Web testing is a process of checking web-based applications for potential issues before they made live. We implement test automation based on customer`s needs and expectations. 

Analyzing and evaluating functional requirements.

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    Test automation framework implementation.
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    Integration within product development cycle.
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    Test results and reports analysis.


Mobile automation testing is a process of testing mobile applications for functionality, usability and consistency.

  • Mobile test automation allows testing on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • It helps to perform cross-platform mobile testing.
  • Performs tedious tests that are demanding for manual test engineers.

BackEnd Testing

Backend testing is a process that involves testing of Application Programming Interface directly and as part of Integration testing. 

It is easier to scale automated tests for complex microservices-based systems.

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    Automated API tests help developers catch problems at an early development stage
  • Rapid response comparing/comparison
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    Fast API test run-time and report delivery


Testing of a previously tested component or system following modification to ensure that defects have not been introduced or have been uncovered in unchanged areas of the software, as a result of the changes made.

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    Automated regression decreases time and cost of testing.
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    More automated tests allow to increase areas that might be regressed during regression stages.
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    More frequent regression sessions


Performance testing allows to determine how fast some aspect of a system performs under a particular workload.

  1. Measures the speed, accuracy and stability of the software under testing.
  2. Improves optimisation and load capability.
  3. Identifies discrepancies of performance requirements and points out performance issues.

Continious Integration

Continuous Integration is a process of continuously integrating the implemented automated tests frequently, at least daily or multiple times per day.

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    The purpose is to find problems quickly, solve them and deliver right away
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    Allows to control deployment process
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    Deliver test results after each test session