Your Remote QA Team

We are highly focused on our customers` expectations, so we choose the solutions that correspond their up-to-date requirements or preferences. A team is formed based on the task to fit the project perfectly. With a mixture of the right skill and technologies, we are your best match. 

We will build a smooth workflow with the most convenient means for communication and orderly meetings so that you can forget your QA experts are working in a distance.

Full time specialists

We provide a full time service with locating in our cozy office.

QA experts that are at all times available and dedicated to their tasks. Working exclusively for your project and being familiar with its origins, they present valuable asset for future perspectives.

Part-time specialists

We provide part-time specialists for a short-term projects with a possibility to work remotely or in our office. Dynamic Solutions offers convenient collaboration with QA`s committing to less sizable projects. We guarantee a satisfactory outcome since it is a reflection of the company.